Think Tank

At CAPE we count with the implication of a great human team. All the people that make up CAPE are invited to contribute ideas.

All the members of the company can contribute with inputs, recommendations and suggestions.

The strength
of teamwork

The engineering department is responsible to manage all these ideas with the goal aim of investigating to innovate in the development of machinery to manufacture pallets , cable drums and stackers . The objective is to contribute with new and evolved technological solutions to answer the new demands of an increasingly demanding market. At CAPE, we believe in Investigation, Research and Development and the strength of team work to offer quality products.

R, D&I


At CAPE each project is a new challenge. We investigate and when needed, we collaborate with centers like universities or investigation groups to advance in the development of technological solutions.

Amongst the main challenges of the company, the integration of patented systems such as artificial vision and scanner in the production lines stand out. The objective is to detect defects in the geometry of pallets and guarantee the quality of the products developed by the CAPE machinery. Another of CAPE’s big challenges is the investigation and development of tools that allow automatic and quick format changes. In this sense, we have developed a 3D pallet design software program with the option of transferring the pallet data to the production line.


We collaborate with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and the Computer Vision Center from UAB.


Artificial vision is also known as computer vision.

and quality

At CAPE we believe in innovation
and quality.

All the improvements undertaken to date are in line to guarantee the quality of our clients’ final products. And to do so, we undertake thorough and exhaustive internal quality controls.


R, D&I

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